RealSense and Slamcore

A partnership delivering real-time localization and mapping solutions for Intel’s flagship stereo sensor



Intel RealSense Technology offers a range of depth and tracking technologies that unlock depth perception capabilities for machines and devices. You’ll find them in everything from autonomous drones and robots to AR/VR and smart home devices, and everything in between.

Essentially, Intel RealSense technology makes 3D possible for devices and machines that have only been 2D until now. It’s supported by an open source, cross-platform SDK.

What we do

Speeding up the deployment of autonomous robots

Intel’s RealSense software programme identifies software that can be paired with the company’s leading depth cameras to deliver outstanding results across computer vision and robotics – making Slamcore was the perfect fit.

Our Spatial AI SDK has been optimized for the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i. It combines a wide field of view and great low-light sensitivity with an inertial measurement unit (IMU), making it a powerful solution for autonomous robotic solutions where small form-factor and light weight are important.

Our SDK works straight out of the box with the Realsense depth camera to provide lighting invariant with 6 DOF, localization and global/local mapping.

Our software and Intel’s sensors are helping developers crack the SLAM challenge quickly and cost-effectively.

Spatial intelligence: Where do we go from here?

Our latest white paper tackles the present – and the future – of spatial awareness. How is it changing the industry, and what can we do to unlock even more from it? Simply fill in the form below to get a copy in your inbox instantly.