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Discover how we’re extending SLAMcore Position, and what to expect from SLAMcore Map and SLAMcore Perceive.

Extending Visual-inertial Positioning

More Accessible. More Accurate. More Robust.

SLAMcore Position Icon
SLAMcore Position

Improved performance for edge cases

Sensor support
Support for: Wheel odometry, GPS, Rolling shutter cameras, Fisheye lenses

Turn your device off, move it, turn it on – it still finds its position

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Dense Mapping

With dense mapping, your robot can effectively avoid obstacles and map unknown environments in real-time

SLAMcore map Icon
SLAMcore Map

Obstacle detection
Identify obstacles to avoid crashes

2D Floor Plan Mapper
Accurately reconstruct and visualise floor plans

3D Room Mapper
Efficiently reconstruct and visualise 3D environments

Semantic Understanding

Give your robot the ability to contextualize its surroundings through spatial AI

SLAMcore perceive Icon
SLAMcore Perceive

Static v Dynamic object detection
Robust performance in chaotic environments

Person identification
Recognise and track the location of people in the scene

Object Recognition
Flexible training environment enabling real-time object recognition