SLAMcore Position

Visual-inertial positioning that provides the foundation for your robot or drone.

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What you get

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The accuracy you need to keep your robot or drone on the right path.


  • ‘6 degrees of freedom’ calculated in real time
  • ‘Relocalization’ and ‘Loop Closure’ features increase accuracy over large distances
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Tightly coupled visual-inertial sensor fusions gives reliable performance.


  • Multi-sensor, visual-inertial system keeps spatial AI algorithms working in tough terrain
  • Reliable performance, despite bumps, drops and obstacles in the path
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Easy to use

SLAMcore Position is easy to implement and customise.


  • Designed to seamlessly integrate with established infrastructures such as ROS
  • Easy-to-use C++ API gives you full control
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A powerful localization software at an accessible price, which works on affordable hardware.


  • Does not need expensive sensors (e.g. LIDAR)
  • Designed for affordable global shutter cameras and inertial measurement units

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