SLAMcore’s Spatial AI SDK

Commercial grade, Spatial AI at your fingertips

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Our SDK allows you to build, test and deploy Spatial AI for your robot today.  Optimized for low cost hardware, you can be up and running in no time at all.

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Launch our state-of-the-art SLAM system with one line of code.  No need to worry about compilation dependencies or annoying bug fixes.  With our single file installer, you can be up and running in less than one minute.  

SLAMcore:POSITION (available now)

  • Centimetre accurate 6DoF positioning
  • Create building scale point cloud in real-time and save for later
  • Localize your robot day in, day out even when lighting conditions change.
  • Evaluate offline by processing your own or openly available datasets

SLAMcore:MAP (coming soon)

  • Real-time dense mapping on a low-cost CPU
  • Local and global occupancy mapping gets your robot to where it needs to be safely

SLAMcore:PERCEIVE (coming soon)

  • Real-time object segmentation and classification in the loop
  • Enhanced performance in dynamic scenes
  • Give your robot the true spatial information it needs


Looking for a bit more?

We have already successfully ported our solution to a range of different ARM processors and sensor modules.  These are available through our Visionaries Programme.