Indoor Drones

Reliability. Stability. Precision. Even in GPS-denied environments.

Imagine having the confidence that your drone can fly the path you want, accurately, the first time and every time afterwards.

SLAMcore’s spatial AI software will keep your drone on the right path.

SLAMcore is developing AI solutions that will give you the confidence to fly your drone autonomously in places that were previously inaccessible to you.

Will SLAMcore work for you?

Better drone navigation through SLAMcore

If you’re looking for a better way to help your drone navigate through different
areas and map its surroundings, then SLAMcore can help. Click here to sign up for early-access to SLAMcore’s software.

SLAMcore Position Icon SLAMcore Position

Track the position of your robot or drone as it moves through space

Available Now

SLAMcore Map Icon SLAMcore Map

Map unknown environments in real time

Coming Soon

SLAMcore Perceive Icon SLAMcore Perceive

True spatial intelligence powered by machine learning

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