Indoor Drones

Reliability. Stability. Precision. Even in GPS denied environments.

Imagine having the confidence that your drone can fly the path you want, accurately,  first time, every time.

Our proprietary algorithms will keep your drone on the right path.

SLAMcore are working on solutions that will provide you with the confidence let your drone fly autonomously in places where previously you would not have dared.

Will SLAMcore work for you?

If you’re looking for robust localisation solutions for your drone, it’s likely we can help. Get in touch to find out how you can get early access to SLAMcore’s technology.

SLAMcore Position Icon SLAMcore Position

The practical solution to robot and drone localisation

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SLAMcore Map Icon SLAMcore Map

Map unknown environments in real time

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SLAMcore Perceive Icon SLAMcore Perceive

True spatial intelligence powered by machine learning

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