Inspection Drones

Give your drone the spatial awareness it needs to get the job the done.

Drone inspection is set to revolutionise the way in which we build and maintain infrastructure.  Autonomously inspect areas that are hard for humans to reach, continuously monitor changes over time.

Inspect large infrastructure confident that your drone will return to base safely.

SLAMcore are working on solutions that will allow drones to navigate consistently and safely, giving you critical information about the state of your infrastructure.

Will SLAMcore work for you?

If you’re looking for robust localisation solutions for your drone, it’s likely we can help. We are developing a range of solutions, so get in touch to find out how you can gain early access.

SLAMcore Position Icon SLAMcore Position

The practical solution to robot and drone localisation

Available Now

SLAMcore Map Icon SLAMcore Map

Map unknown environments in real time

Coming Soon

SLAMcore Perceive Icon SLAMcore Perceive

True spatial intelligence powered by machine learning

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