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SLAMcore develops industry-leading algorithms for robots and machines to understand where they are and what’s around them – in an affordable way. Delivering highly reliable positioning and mapping intelligence on low power, cost-effective hardware.


Make quality spatial Intelligence available to all.

SLAMcore's team of world-leading spatial intelligence experts have developed SLAM algorithms that allow robots, consumer products and drones to fully understand the space around them. SLAMcore is pushing the boundaries of what's possible today and what SLAM and perception will look like tomorrow.

Leadership Team

SLAMcore has attracted the best talent in SLAM, data fusion and artificial intelligence to work with us. Starting with our leadership team, who combine industrial experience, advanced academia and commercial acumen.

Owen Nicholson

CEO & Co-Founder

15+ years in early stage R&D management, including positions at Dyson and the Ministry of Defence.

Dr Jacek Zienkiewicz

VP Engineering & Co-Founder

10+ years of industry experience at SICK and Apple. PhD in Computer Vision at Imperial College London.

Dr Pablo Alcantarilla


Former Toshiba Research and iRobot, including key architect of Roomba's mapping technology.

Dr Paul Brasnett

VP Product & Strategy

Former Director of Technical Business Development at Imagination Technologies.

Eleanore Obst

Head of Operations

20 years of Operations experience. Former analyst at Aon.

Advisory Team

Dr Stefan Leutenegger


Lecturer at Technical University Munich. Focused on autonomous robot navigation. PhD on Unmanned Solar Airplanes from Autonomous Systems Lab of ETH Zurich.

Professor Andrew Davison


20 years pioneering visual SLAM. Collaborated on breakthrough SLAM systems including MonoSLAM and KinectFusion. 15,000+ academic citations.


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