Slamcore Aware

Slamcore Aware delivers precise vision-based localization data for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) applications, enabling advanced spatial awareness and improved efficiency.

The benefits

A real-time location system that works

Unlock a new level of accurate positioning data which will enable you to measure and improve operational efficiency across any facility

Robust and accurate

Visual-inertial SLAM provides robustness and accuracy for demanding industrial applications across large-scale environments

Made for dynamic environments

AI unlocks intelligent positioning and situational awareness through detection of dynamic objects, obstacles and assets

Uninterrupted positioning

On-board processing ensures robust positioning across the whole facility with no dark spots. Position is reported immediately without the need to map the whole facility

Easy to deploy

Seamless setup and deployment with minimal changes to infrastructure required

Highly scalable

Simple evaluation and quick path to production using a plug and play retrofit module









The details

Slamcore Aware

6 DoF visual-inertial positioning

3D positioning and orientation as well as live system status updates

Object detection and segmentation

3D pose and tracking of objects including people and forklifts

Simple alignment with a facility’s coordinate system

Seamless mapping and alignment process using fiducial markers to ensure pose is reported in the correct reference frame


Standard and lightweight interface to allow integration with other systems

Web Interface

Manage the system through a local web interface


Reference Hardware Kit

Slamcore Aware combines the power of the Slamcore SDK with industrial grade hardware, providing an all-in-one solution to enable fast installation and seamless integration for new and existing systems.

The reference hardware kit contains a global shutter stereo camera and inertial measurement unit with efficient embedded compute which enables all processing to happen at the edge. Everything is contained within an IP65-rated enclosure with live auto-calibration during operation to ensure reliable performance across any environment.


What hardware requirements does Slamcore Aware have? expand

Slamcore Aware is a hardware and software solution which includes reference industrial hardware that is ready for volume deployment. Customization of the reference hardware is possible to align with specific customer requirements.


Can I use custom hardware to run Slamcore Aware? expand

Slamcore Aware is designed to operate with our reference hardware unit. For custom hardware solutions see the Slamcore SDK.

How do I integrate Slamcore Aware with my warehouse management system? expand

Slamcore Aware provides a REST API, making it easy to integrate with both onboard devices and Fleet and Warehouse Management Software.

What infrastructure does Slamcore Aware require? expand

Slamcore Aware uses cameras and an embedded compute platform that is mounted to the vehicle being tracked. It therefore has minimal infrastructure requirements compared to alternative RTLS solutions. To communicate with WMS/FMS or other applications located off the vehicle, Slamcore Aware can connect to existing Wi-Fi systems. Slamcore Aware can also use low-cost visual fiducial markers in a facility for global coordinate alignment with a simple commissioning and maintenance process.

Does Slamcore Aware share any personal identification information? expand

No. No personal identification information is available via Slamcore Aware. Slamcore Aware processes the information on device/on the edge in a secure way and only the relevant outputs such as positioning of the vehicle, positioning of the surrounding people and other vehicles, class of the detected objects (e.g. vehicle, person, box, etc.) are published by the system.

Does Slamcore Aware require internet connectivity? Does it matter if the internet connectivity in a facility is incomplete or patchy? expand

Slamcore Aware can operate without internet connectivity, however, certain functionalities may only be available when internet connectivity is enabled. The system can handle situations where internet connectivity might drop out temporarily during live operation.

Can Slamcore Aware connect to Wi-Fi? expand

Yes, Slamcore Aware reference hardware can connect to an existing Wi-Fi network or create a local access point for transmission of pose data and simple configuration of the unit through the Slamcore Aware web interface.

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