Slamcore provides spatial awareness for industrial vehicles using vision-based perception. Give your machines vision and unlock the next level of spatial understanding.


What is the difference between Slamcore Aware and the Slamcore SDK? expand

Slamcore Aware delivers precise vision-based localization data for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) applications used in manually driven vehicles, enabling advanced spatial awareness and improved efficiency. Slamcore Aware is provided as a combined hardware + software plug and play product which can be easily retrofitted into existing vehicles. The Slamcore Aware unit can be integrated into existing systems using a REST API or UDP protocol. Learn more about Slamcore Aware

The Slamcore SDK provides the same precise vision-based localization whilst offering greater flexibility and customization in both hardware options and software interfaces. The Slamcore SDK is provided as a software-only product which is compatible with a number of off-the-shelf sensors and compute platforms for easy prototyping. Further sensor customization can be supported for production deployments. Targeted towards AMR and AGVs use cases, the Slamcore SDK offers C++, Python and ROS 2 APIs as well as occupancy mapping capabilities to enable autonomous navigation. Learn more about the Slamcore SDK


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Slamcore Aware is intended for applications such as RTLS for manually driven vehicles. If you are looking for a simple plug and play hardware + software solution which provides the pose of the system through a REST API and with minimal development requirements, Slamcore Aware is the right choice. Slamcore Aware is intended for applications such as RTLS for manually driven vehicles.

The Slamcore SDK is intended for AGV and AMR platforms. If you are interested in using a custom sensor set up or require a thorough integration of a localisation system with an autonomous navigation stack, the Slamcore SDK provides greater flexibility to achieve your goals.

Use cases

Unlock AI-driven insights for every vehicle


Warehousing is increasingly dynamic, involving more space and more complexity all the time.

But warehouse management and intralogistics solutions are often inaccurate, expensive, and prone to failure in certain edge cases.

Slamcore’s algorithms put precise data at your fingertips, providing you with real-time information, to locate, map, and track assets, giving you a snapshot of your warehouse in seconds.

Integrate Slamcore’s spatial intelligence solution with manual trucks and forklifts, to achieve a centimetre-accurate real time location system – even in busy and wide area warehousing or manufacturing facilities.


Autonomous guided vehicles have the potential to deliver significant value across industry.

When robots operate on specified routes or frameworks in places like warehouses, they can be inflexible, unable to respond to changes in real-time.

The industry is ready for robots that can do more.

We’ve spent years developing spatial intelligence that helps robots navigate dynamic industrial environments safely and efficiently, so you can increase efficiency, improve safety, and scale faster. Augment your AGVs with Slamcore’s localization and obstacle detection, with no additional infrastructure requirements.


Autonomous mobile robots unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.

While many of these robots excel in static, controlled environments, challenges arise when introduced to unpredictable, dynamic spaces with people and other machines.

The Slamcore SDK can provide valuable spatial intelligence through robust 6DoF positioning with fiducial support for high precision situations such as docking. Occupancy maps generated by the Slamcore SDK make integration with a navigation stack simple and 3D obstacle detection and segmentation unlock valuable insights that can be integrated into a robot’s navigation behavior.

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