Spatial Intelligence
for Robots & Machines

State-of-the-art localization, mapping and perception software for robots and consumer products, turning sensor data into real-time spatial understanding

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businesses run our software

>10,000 km

navigated using our SDK


API and ROS Wrapper


Visual Inertial SLAM and Perception


Robust, accurate and computationally efficient visual-inertial localization to know your robot's location at all times.

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Dense mapping and occupancy grids to navigate any environment and avoid obstacles.

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Deep learning to identify surroundings and dynamic objects, radically improving localization and mapping.

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Unmatched Performance
and Efficiency

State-of-the-art Accuracy and Robustness

SLAMcore's SDK accuracy and robustness outperforms open-source & commercial alternatives

Hyper Efficient CPU and Memory Use

SLAMcore software runs in real-time entirely on the CPU with minimal load and memory usage

Hardware Portable

SLAMcore's standard SDK works with off-the-shelf sensors and compute. SLAMcore software is also portable to custom hardware through the Visionary Program.

Accelerated Development

SLAMcore's SDK runs in minutes, tunes in days, prototypes in weeks and cuts product development by months

Dynamic Real-World Use at Scale

SLAMcore's algorithms are tuned for dynamic real-world environments and operate at scale

Support and Regular Updates

SLAMcore's SDK provides use-case presets, developer tools, regular support and updates

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Hardware PArtners

Optimized for Embedded Devices and Stereo Cameras

SLAMcore works closely with leading hardware vendors - to be up and running in minutes with standard sensors/compute. We have successfully ported our software to a wide range of embedded processors and custom sensors.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use SLAMcore's software on my robot/product?

SLAMcore's SDK  runs with your existing code using a C++ API or ROS1 Melodic/ROS2 Foxy wrapper. SLAMcore's SDK and developer tools (visualizer, data recorder etc) also run in standalone mode through a command line or GUI. For more details, visit the Spatial Intelligence SDK page.

What is included in the SDK?

The SLAMcore SDK provides a complete SLAM system, consisting of localization and mapping algorithms that fuse data from stereo cameras and IMU, that outputs pose and occupancy (2.5D map or occupancy grid) information. The SDK acts as an input to your navigation, obstacle avoidance or perception stack and can be easily integrated with your code using our C++ API or the ROS Navigation Stack. For more details, please contact us.

What sensors do you support?

SLAMcore's standard SDK supports the Intel Realsense D435i, D455 and MyntEye S cameras together with wheel odometry. The SDK can be further extended to work with custom sensor solutions (stereo cameras, IMUs, GPS, Lidar etc), for more information contact us.

What hardware do you support?

The standard SDK currently supports the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX, Xavier AGX and Nano, and x64 machines (Core i5, i7 or better). Our software can also be ported to custom compute hardware, for more information please contact us or see the Visionary Program.

What operating systems do you support?

We currently support Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Jetpack.

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