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Company Overview

Slamcore at a glance

Slamcore’s mission is to make quality spatial intelligence accessible to all.

That’s why our team of world-leading spatial intelligence experts have developed SLAM algorithms that allow robots, drones and wearable devices to truly understand the space around them. They work across a range of products, from autonomous robots in warehouses and drones soaring over crop fields to consumer headsets navigating virtual spaces.

But we’re not just creating better SLAM solutions. Our team of leading academics, roboticists, engineers and developers are creating the future of it.

Founded in 2016 by four leaders in SLAM (some of them cited over 30,000 times in SLAM research), Slamcore was spun out from Imperial College in 2017 to become a fast-growing team of 45. Over 100 companies are already using our SDK, and we’ve been backed by investors including Samsung, Toyota Ventures, Amadeus Capital, and more.

We’d love to have you along for the ride.