We are building an exceptional team of talented individuals.

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The Founding Team

Owen Nicholson

CEO & co-founder

10+ years in early stage R&D management. Managed UK Government and industry-funded research portfolios. Strategic and commercial technology development expert.

Dr Stefan Leutenegger


Lecturer at at Imperial College London. Focused on autonomous robot navigation. PhD on Unmanned Solar Airplanes from Autonomous Systems Lab of ETH Zurich.

Dr Jacek Zienkiewicz


PhD from Imperial College London focused on dense visual perception for mobile robots. 5+ years industrial experience developing laser-based distance measurement systems.

Professor Andrew Davison


20 years pioneering visual SLAM. Collaborated on breakthrough SLAM systems including MonoSLAM and KinectFusion. 15,000+ academic citations.

The Wider Team

Dr Pablo F. Alcantarilla

Head of Research

Alex Lown

Head of Talent

Dr Robert Lukierski

Senior Robotics Engineer

Thomas Bastiani

Senior Software Engineer

Dr Achkan Salehi

SLAM Research Engineer

Dr Taihu Pire

SLAM Research Engineer

Dr Alexandre Morgand

Computer Vision Research Engineer

Nikos Koukis

Junior Robotics Engineer

Chang-Ryeol Lee

SLAM Research Intern

Joining soon

Dr Ujwal Bonde

Deep Learning Research Scientist

Dr Tom Woodley

Senior Solutions Architect

Dr Juan Tarrio

SLAM Research Engineer