Unleash the full potential of your AR/VR headsets

Visual inertial SLAM for inside-out six degrees of freedom tracking for outstanding headset performance

The next big thing

The next big thing

AR/VR headsets are going to be at the centre of the metaverse. And in this increasingly competitive landscape, spatial intelligence is going to be the core ingredient. 

Delivering better experiences, more robustness, and real business success, relies on the pinpoint accuracy in the real-world that determines where you are in the metaverse. 

How Slamcore makes it happen


Where am I?

Robust, accurate, efficient localization enables reliable tracking, for high performance even on low-cost hardware.

  • Extremely low latency, 6 DoF tracking, even with fast motion, and in large spaces of up to 1,000 square meters. 
  • Spatial anchors allow you to easily drop virtual objects or safety perimeters within the coordinate system of the headset. 
  • Persistent localization allows virtual objects to remain in place every day, even when the room layout or lighting changes. 


What’s around me?

Because maps are produced in real-time in a computationally efficient manner, memory allocation is carefully managed, staying bounded even as you map larger environments.

  • 2D floor plan mapping sets boundaries such as safe gaming areas or safe operating zones for enterprise users with autonomous navigation. 
  • Dense 3D mapping with small memory footprint for mapping at residential up to warehouse scale, for consumer or enterprise use.


What are the objects around me?

Slamcore uses deep learning to identify objects and people around the user. That means enhanced localization and mapping performance – even in dynamic real-world environments.

  • Dynamic object detection improves overall performance, even when the world gets chaotic.
  • Person or animal identification and positioning allows users to be alerted if objects enter their safety zone.
  • Object level positioning and mapping means you always know what and where things are around you. 

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