Spray to win

How we helped Palo Verde keep workers safer

Who we worked with

Introducing Palo Verde

Palo Verde is a Mexican startup focused on agricultural innovation, who have developed an innovative vision-based crop-spraying robot.

The driving idea?

That this kind of dangerous labor shouldn’t have to be done by humans when exposure to the chemical components is dangerous and can lead to serious health damage.

Multisession mapping capabilities have helped them be more productive in the mapping stage because they can start the process over a certain point and merge the previous session, without starting over in each new space.

Positive Outcomes

The results

This is how Palo Verde was able to see success with Slamcore


Four times more performance in processing compared to open-source SLAM packages.

Much more precise positioning, right down to the centimeters required.

Using just one CPU core instead of the 70% used with open-source SLAM solutions.

Can focus much more on their spraying technology.

“Slamcore’s robust and production-ready SLAM saved us development time and allowed us to focus on the main tasks of our robot.”
Martin Rafael Torres Quintero, Palo Verde