The future of consumer robotics is here

Easy-to-use, scalable, efficient vSLAM for complex robotics

The market context

Complex world. Simple solution.

The future is all about mobility. Whether you’re in vacuum cleaners or lawns, entertainment, security, or care, your robot needs to navigate complex, dynamic environments – cost-effectively and reliably. 

Our world-leading experts have spent years working on the high quality spatial intelligence that can unlock your business potential. It’s easy-to-use, scalable, efficient vSLAM. 

How Slamcore makes it happen


Where am I?

Slamcore uses deep learning to identify objects and people around the user. That means enhanced localization and mapping performance – even in dynamic real-world environments.

  • Dynamic object detection improves overall performance, even when the world gets chaotic. 
  • Person or animal identification and positioning allows users to be alerted if objects enter their safety zone.


What’s around me?

Dense occupancy maps of the environment are essential to plan paths and avoid obstacles.

  • Choose from 2D, 2.5D and 3D representations of occupied and unoccupied space. 
  • Coverage maps show you exactly how much of the space has been traversed. 
  • User-defined, multi-resolution voxel allows you to balance map resolution against memory. 


What are the objects around me?

Consumer devices need to have a sophisticated understanding of the world around them so they can overlay and intertwine the real and virtual worlds.

  • Dynamic object detection improves overall performance, even when the world gets chaotic. 
  • Easily remove or ignore specific objects from the user map to cut down on the digital clutter. 
  • Object level positioning and mapping means you always know what and where things are around you.

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