For new deployments or to retrofit, Slamcore SDK shortens the development cycle when adding vision to your localization or full autonomy stack

18 May 2023. London.

Slamcore has opened registrations for its visual-Spatial Intelligence software development kit (SDK). Developers looking to add visual elements to existing or planned intralogistics automation in manufacturing or warehouse environments can significantly reduce time to deployment using the SDK. They can register for access at

Industry data1 suggests that the market for warehouse mobile robots is growing by 15% annually.  The entire intralogistics market will be worth £150BN by 20302, and by 2027 there will be more than 2 million autonomous mobile robots3 deployed worldwide. Suppliers and customers of intralogistics solutions are quickly recognizing the advantages of adding visual-spatial awareness to existing location and mapping provided by LIDAR, UWB Beacons, fiducials, and other technologies.

Adding vision to AMR’s automation stack can increase the efficiency, safety, and speed of warehouse, manufacturing, and intralogistics operations, especially in circumstances where AMRs, manually driven vehicles, and pedestrians share common areas. With a wider field of view, stereo cameras capture more information to create more detailed, accurate, and robust 3D maps and support the semantic labeling of objects for enhanced perception and real-time management. 

The Slamcore SDK helps integrate Spatial Intelligence to augment existing technologies in new or existing designs. The Slamcore algorithms are highly processor and memory efficient and are optimized for many of the most widely used hardware combinations. Slamcore’s Spatial Intelligence can be retrofitted to existing manually driven fleets to provide enhanced location, mapping, and driver information, as well as deeply integrated into next-generation Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). This means that Slamcore’s Spatial Intelligence can be quickly and easily added to intralogistics solutions and real-time location systems (RTLS).

Julian Harris, Business Development Director commenting on the new SDK, said, “The Slamcore SDK aims to quickly get developers up and running to evaluate our algorithmic capabilities. As such, it continues to prove an essential first step for those looking to integrate spatial intelligence into their products. We encourage anyone looking to incorporate Spatial Intelligence into warehousing machinery to request access to the SDK by visiting


About Slamcore

Slamcore provides commercial-grade Spatial Intelligence software, which is accurate, robust, and computationally efficient to the robot, consumer electronics, and device manufacturers worldwide. Robots, drones, and autonomous machines need to efficiently locate themselves, map and understand their surroundings in real time. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) remains one of the hardest challenges for robot/product developers, consuming significant time, resources and hardware.

Slamcore’s world-class visual-inertial SLAM software runs locally in real-time on cost-effective hardware to deliver robust real-world performance in days instead of years. Slamcore software works out-of-the-box with standard sensors/hardware and can be tuned for a wide range of custom sensors/compute, letting developers concentrate on developing great products rather than struggling to solve real-time mapping and localization challenges.