Slamcore, a pioneer in vision-based location and mapping for robots, autonomous machines and consumer electronics, appoints international business development consultancy Intralink to accelerate expansion in the Korean and Chinese markets. The partnership allows Slamcore, which recently raised $16 million in Series A capital, to explore new business opportunities with the most innovative thought leaders in the autonomous robotics and mixed reality markets across Asia.

Slamcore recognises the value of innovation across Asia as many of the applications for spatial intelligence become mass market. With robots on the brink of becoming mainstream*, and as the metaverse emerges through wearable VR, AR and mixed reality headsets, Slamcore opens the door to exciting possibilities, recognising the scale of the opportunity and the challenges of delivering the tools and technology to enable and deliver these experiences.

Spatial intelligence is fundamental to the delivery of powerful and compelling user experiences but it is a hard technology to crack. World class development teams can spend years and invest millions to develop proprietary solutions which will only work with a single product line and use case. Slamcore enables faster time to market with a flexible solution appealing to product design and development teams who can now address a wider range of use cases with a robust flexible solution.

Intralink is a UK-headquartered international business development company with specialists on the ground in Asia taking a hands-on approach to helping western tech firms expand in the region by forging partnerships and securing customer deals. 

Intralink’s teams in Seoul and Shanghai will bring Slamcore’s cutting-edge localisation and mapping algorithms, tuned to work with the leading low-power, high-performance processors and low-cost cameras whilst still delivering millimetre-accurate, real-time and robust performance, to product designers in the fast-moving high-tech sectors of Korea and China. 

“Robots and the metaverse have huge potential to help solve significant real-world challenges in many areas. Spatial intelligence is fundamental to these applications, and we’re on a mission to make it accessible to as many as possible,” said Slamcore’s CEO, Owen Nicholson. “Intralink gives us an important in-road to the critical markets where innovators are creating next generation products that can leverage this potential. We’re looking forward to meeting many new customers thanks to Intralink’s expertise and connections in the region.”

Daniel Kollar, Shanghai-based Head of Mobility at Intralink, added: “Slamcore perfectly fits the profile for successful scale up businesses ready to do business in Asia. It has a unique proposition, a robust business model and there are wide-ranging applications for its technology across manufacturing, transportation, medicine, logistics, agriculture, entertainment and more.. We’re excited to be representing the company in Korea and China. “


*Figures from Market Research Future indicate the robotics market will reach USD 214.68 billion by 2030 growing at a compound annual growth rate of 22.8%. Source.

Insight Partners predict the augmented reality and virtual reality market to grow from US$ 27.96 billion in 2021 to US$ 252.16 billion by 2028; at a CAGR of 36.9% during 2021–2028 . Source.