Slamcore SDK

The Slamcore SDK is a flexible and powerful visual SLAM software development kit which combines sensor fusion and artificial intelligence to provide robust 6DoF positioning, object detection and mapping for mobile industrial platforms.

The benefits

Supercharge your localization

Get next-generation capabilities to market faster, and scale more easily with Slamcore’s robust, accurate vision-based algorithms, offering 6 DoF pose tracking, 2.5D mapping and more

Robust and accurate

Visual-inertial SLAM provides robustness and accuracy for demanding industrial applications across large-scale indoor and outdoor environments

High-performance multiple sensor modality support

Sensor fusion enables seamless operation across multiple floors, ramps, large environments and long corridors

Made for dynamic environments

AI unlocks intelligent positioning and situational awareness through detection of dynamic objects, obstacles and assets

Minimal CPU and memory usage

Real-time performance with low CPU and memory requirements for flexible deployment at the edge









The details

The Slamcore SDK

6DoF visual-inertial odometry and SLAM

Multiple positioning modes, as well as plane detection, offer flexibility depending on your application, no matter the environment

Efficient height mapping

2.5D height mapping using depth data enables the creation of occupancy maps for autonomous navigation

Automatic calibration

Automatic camera calibration refinement during operation to ensure robustness and accuracy for the long term without the need for costly downtime

Object detection and segmentation

3D pose and tracking of objects including humans, forklifts and pallets

Comprehensive API selection

C++, Python and ROS 2 provide options to integrate the SDK into your application


Flexible hardware deployment options

The SDK can be deployed to a range of processors and cameras to provide the flexibility you need to design the right product for your application


What is included in the SDK? expand

The Slamcore SDK provides a complete SLAM system, consisting of localization and mapping algorithms that fuse data from stereo cameras, IMU and wheel odometry if available, and outputs 6 DoF pose and occupancy (2.5D map or occupancy grid) information. The SDK acts as an input to your navigation, obstacle avoidance or perception stack and can be easily integrated with your code using our C++, Python or ROS 2 APIs.


How can I integrate the Slamcore SDK with my software stack? expand

The Slamcore SDK offers a number of software integration options including a C++ API, a Python API and a ROS 2 wrapper. The Slamcore SDK also includes a suite of developer tools (visualizer, data recorder etc) which run in standalone mode through a command line or GUI.

What sensors do you support? expand

Our standard SDK supports the Intel Realsense D435i and D455 cameras, as well as the Luxonis OAK-D S2 camera. The SDK also supports wheel odometry as an additional input. The SDK can be further extended to work with custom sensor solutions (stereo cameras, IMUs, GPS, Lidar etc).

What compute hardware do you support? expand

The standard SDK currently supports the Nvidia Jetson Orin and Xavier families as well as x86_64 machines (Core i5, i7 or better). Our software can also be ported to custom compute hardware.

What operating systems do you support? expand

We currently support Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, as well as, Nvidia’s JetPack 4 and JetPack 5.

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