Visionaries Programme

SLAMcore’s Visionaries Programme for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is now open!


We have created the Visionaries Programme to provide a structured process for companies to gain a bespoke, optimized version of our SLAM solution, providing a clear path from evaluation to deployment. The programme is broken down into three stages as shown below.

How it works

Is it for you?

The Visionaries Programme is suitable for your company if:

  • You are building an industrial, wheeled robot, with available wheel odometry 
  • Your robot is on the market or will be in the next 18 months
  • You are able to ship your robot to London for integration or able to provide engineering resource on your site to assist with dataset collection
  • You have a robotics team and a solution to the wider autonomy stack (path planning, obstacle avoidance, etc.)

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If your company does not yet meet the above requirements, but you’d like to find out about our other upcoming products launches, keep an eye on our software page, or sign up below.

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