Visionary Program

SLAMcore's Visionary Program provides businesses developing commercial products with bespoke SLAM and perception solutions tailored for a product and industry, from evaluation to world-wide commercial launch.

Developing a next-generation robot or consumer product?
Need highly accurate and robust positioning, maps or perception?
Need to run on low-power or custom compute or sensors?
Need to operate in dynamic real-world environments?
Need to work in a difficult environments at scale?
Need to identify objects around you?
Need a very low cost solution or reduce sensor costs? Need custom pricing for thousands of units?


The SLAMcore visionary program accelerates commercial robot and product development and performance


Accelerate evaluation, prototype and commercial product development

Sensor / Compute Selection

Recommendations for hardware design/selection

Custom Settings and Calibration

Robust, real-time SLAM tailored for specific environments

Next Generation Capabilities

Try SLAMcore Labs features: 3D RGB Mapping, Dynamic Object Detection, Semantic Classification...

Custom Hardware

Porting SLAMcore software to low-power or custom compute

Launch Acceleration

Fast prototypes in days and commercial products in months - saving years of development time

Sensor Fusion

Integration with additional sensors, wheel odometry, GPS, LiDAR and others

Commercial Scale

Calibration and customization for commercial products at scale

Who is the Visionary
Program for?

The Visionary Program is designed for businesses that meet the following criteria:


You are building a commercial robot, consumer product or drone


Your product is in the market now or will be within 18 months


Your product needs real-time localization, mapping or perception  - or lower-cost hardware


You have a robotics/product development team and an autonomy stack (navigation, path planning, obstacle avoidance, etc.)

Ready to join the Visionary Program?