Unlock the potential of RTLS with vision

Slamcore Aware provides robust vision-based positioning for real-time location systems, enabling precise tracking of vehicles and unlocking valuable insights to improve efficiency
Know where your vehicles are at all times. Improve operational efficiency.

Introducing: Slamcore Aware

Using a simple plug and play unit with a stereo camera and inertial sensor, Slamcore Aware enables precise positioning in complex, dynamic and changing environments. Advanced AI algorithms run on the edge and take perception to the next level, providing situational awareness and a reliable understanding of vehicle operations.

Real-time vision-based localization

Precise position and orientation in challenging environments with consistent performance across a site during live operation

Highly scalable

Reference hardware kit which can be easily retrofitted into existing vehicles for production deployments

Efficient deployment

Seamless commissioning and deployment with live positioning data being reported without the need to map a whole facility

Low infrastructure

Natural features in the environment are used to robustly estimate a vehicle’s position. Visual fiducial markers enable automatic map alignment and enhance performance.


Give your machines vision

Vision enables machines to see their surroundings and unlocks a new level of spatial understanding

Accuracy and efficiency

The flexibility to achieve the accuracy you need with industry-leading compute efficiency

Advanced spatial understanding

Effective semantic understanding of a vehicle’s surroundings at a fraction of the cost of other solutions

Flexible hardware options

Off-the-shelf stereo cameras and compute support like Nvidia Jetson to get you up and running as quickly as possible

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