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Give your machines Spatial Intelligence

Vision based localization, mapping, sensor fusion and AI in a comprehensive SDK. For forklifts, AGVs and AMRs.
Introducing Slamcore

Know where you are at all times

Our SDK uses data from on-board cameras and other sensors to understand and enable navigation in complex and dynamic environments

Real-time vision-based localization

Accurate position and orientation on low power, embedded hardware

Sensor fusion for robustness

Multi-sensor fusion support to ensure robust localization even in the most challenging production and warehouse environments

Advanced object segmentation

AI models integrated into the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) pipeline for intelligent pose tracking in dynamic environments as well as obstacle and asset detection

Slamcore SDK

The future of spatial intelligence is here

Slamcore improves efficiency and safety through its powerful and flexible SDK

Fast go-to-market

Easy to use, powerful tools and APIs with comprehensive documentation and hands-on customer support ensure a smooth journey from evaluation to production

Accuracy and efficiency

The flexibility to achieve the accuracy you need with industry-leading compute efficiency

Robust and scalable

A simple commissioning process and long-term robustness ensure successful deployment to large fleets

Flexible hardware options

Off-the-shelf stereo cameras and compute support like Nvidia Jetson to get you up and running as quickly as possible

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