SLAMcore’s mission is to deliver commercial spatial intelligence software which is highly accurate and computationally efficient to robot, consumer electronics and drone manufacturers worldwide. Increasing numbers of robots and products need to efficiently locate themselves, map and understand their surroundings (Visual SLAM). Developing commercial Visual SLAM requires world-class products based on the best research, algorithms, economic hardware and real-world performance. SLAMcore has demonstrated our award-winning Visual SLAM software at industry events, to corporate clients and to sector experts. We’ve announced key partnerships with Intel RealSense and ARM and are in discussion with robot and product developers around the world. We have hundreds of users already signed up for our Beta Early Access programme.

Developing a commercially efficient SLAM solution requires deep sector expertise and years of development and optimization. SLAMcore has developed a visual SLAM software solution that can be installed and trialed in hours instead of years, complemented with tools which make it simple and cost effective for any developer to trial, integrate and use SLAMcore in their robots and products – delivering world-class results which are much better than open source and traditional SLAM solutions.

As SLAMcore is now working with a number of large corporations and start-ups on robotics, consumer electronics and drone solutions we are now expanding our commercial, sales and marketing capabilities. To help drive the commercial aspect of our strategy, I am very pleased to announce that Simon Aspinall has joined the SLAMcore team as our first Chief Commercial Officer. As part of the management board Simon will work closely with me to accelerate our sales, marketing, licensing, routes to market and SLAMcore’s strategy to drive our next phase of growth.

Simon brings a wealth of experience in growing technology businesses. Throughout his career he has specialized in taking early-stage technologies and developing rich markets for them. Working with Cisco in the early days of the internet he led sales, marketing and business development teams who launched new solutions and grew new markets – including networking, mobile, cloud markets in the US and Europe. In the early days of the cloud he joined enterprise cloud pioneer Virtustream, as CMO and President of the software business, helping grow that business which was sold to EMC/Dell in 2015. Most recently he has acted as CMO and Chief Revenue Officer for innovative Continuous Intelligence/Digital Twin start-up SWIM.AI which is pioneering fast and distributed analytics at the edge – ideal for the demands of telecoms, smart cities and the internet of things. Simon will continue to advise SWIM.AI as they grow further. Simon’s experience in sales, marketing and business development will be invaluable for accelerating SLAMcore’s growth.

Simon will help SLAMcore address three key challenges which we see in the robotics/electronics industry.

  • Rapidly developing commercially viable, but robust SLAM solutions for companies and developers that need more than open-source, lab-quality solutions, without investing months of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating bespoke algorithms for real-world situations.
  • Working with early corporate adopters to rapidly move from proof of concept to commercial roll-out of robots/devices that deliver real business value across key industry sectors.
  • Establishing a simple, fair and effective pricing and licensing scheme that delivers commercial value for all parties.

SLAMcore solutions deliver on these goals today. With Simon’s help, and our recent $5 million additional capital raise, we can now accelerate the adoption of SLAMcore across the robotics, consumer electronics and drone industries. In the next few weeks Simon will post his thoughts on SLAMcore and our opportunity. But in the meantime, I asked him to capture in a few words why he was excited to join us. This is what he said:

“SLAMcore is full of great people with great knowledge and experience. It has developed an industry-leading solution with the power to transform how robots and consumer electronics are designed and manufactured. Now is the perfect time for SLAMcore. Increasing use of robotics, addition of autonomy in devices represent an inflection point. The technology is very impressive and the commercial opportunities are enormous. I am excited to be at the heart of this transformation with SLAMcore.”