Redefining Workplace Experience for the Hybrid Work Environment

How do you support positive culture in a virtual workplace? Read about our Workplace Experience and how we are reinventing culture for a hybrid world
23 March 2023

How vSLAM unlocks the warehouse of the future

Warehouse and intralogistics managers must know exactly where all the moving parts are, even in chaotic and ever-changing spaces. Here's how vSLAM can make it happen.  
17 March 2023

Building firm financial foundations for growth

As successful companies grow, it's essential they create the structures, processes, and best practices that lay the foundations for the larger businesses they want to become. Here's how we're doing that.
16 February 2023

IROS 2022: The vSLAM research round-up

Slamcore has begun collating a range of papers and research articles for anyone interested in visual inertial SLAM and beyond, starting with papers from the conference in Kyoto.
9 February 2023

Feeling like the belle of the (CES) ball

A week on from CES 2023 and my head is still reeling. Because for the first time it felt as if it was Slamcore that was being courted, hosting 40+ high-level meetings with prospective partners and customers.
12 January 2023

2022: A year of real acceleration

Looking back over the past 12 months one word springs to mind: acceleration. On every front, we've made rapid progress in 2022, securing funding, winning new customers, expanding and winning awards.
15 December 2022

Avoiding monoculture for robots and the metaverse

In this recent excerpt from Automation Magazine, Slamcore CEO Owen Nicholson, talks Teslas, and the crucial role spatial intelligence will play in the future of robotics and the metaverse.
11 November 2022

The pinnacle of spatial intelligence – understanding

In the third part of our series exploring the three levels of the full-stack spatial intelligence pyramid we look at semantic understanding, which helps robots understand what's around them.
1 November 2022

See VI-SLAM and Nav 2 stack integration in action

Watch our demo to see how our vision-based localisation and occupancy mapping capabilities can be integrated for autonomous navigation using a single stereo camera.
30 September 2022