‘It’s great to welcome Jeff to the team.  We spent his first week on a 30-hour US road trip meeting potential and existing customers. He brings a wealth of experience from this industry and will be crucial in driving our vision to help companies realize the incredible value of our intralogistics products across the US’ – Owen Nicholson, CEO

I’m honored to have joined Slamcore as the new VP Sales to drive opportunities across the US and beyond! My background lies in the dynamic fields of telematics, robotics, and warehouse logistics – a perfect fit for Slamcore’s mission to push the boundaries of supply chain efficiency.

What excites me most about Slamcore?  Real-time location systems (RTLS) and spatial intelligence are revolutionizing warehousing, and Slamcore is at the forefront.  This technology is fundamentally changing how warehouses operate in our increasingly automated world.

Here’s why:

Traditionally, managing a warehouse involved a complex dance between people, forklifts, and inventory.  Data silos and disparate systems made true visibility a challenge.  RTLS and spatial intelligence bridge this gap.  By seamlessly integrating with existing Material Handling Equipment (MHE), Slamcore’s solutions provide a unified data platform. This allows for:

  • Real-time asset tracking: Know exactly where every forklift, pallet, and eventually stock is located at all times.
  • Optimized workflows: Streamline load and unload processes by guiding automation and personnel to the most efficient routes.
  • Enhanced safety: Improve situational awareness and prevent accidents by pinpointing potential conflicts between moving equipment and personnel.

These are just a few ways Slamcore’s technology is transforming warehouses.  The future of warehousing is automated, data-driven, and connected.  At Slamcore, I’m committed to helping businesses unlock the immense potential of RTLS and spatial intelligence.

Join me on this exciting journey! We’ll be sharing industry insights, success stories, and showcasing how Slamcore is empowering businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.  Get ready to see warehouses transformed!