Customer Use Cases

SLAMcore's software is designed to be flexible and multi-purpose, providing spatial intelligence to robots and consumer products in a wide range of environments. Here are examples of  SLAMcore technology being applied for real-world world-class positioning and mapping:

Warehouse Robots

Warehouses are highly dynamic with people and objects always in motion. Spatial understanding requires a robust, accurate and reliable solution. Whether augmenting an in-house solution or developing a new product SLAMcore Spatial Intelligence enables warehouse robots to localize accurately, map in real-time and understand their surroundings.

Consumer Products

Consumer products are evolving to operate autonomously in dynamic real-world environments - including vacuum cleaners, lawn-mowers and security devices. SLAMcore software provides real-time, robust, accurate location and mapping on low-cost compute and sensors at commercial scale for the real-world.

Inspection Drones

Drones are revolutionizing inspecting and maintaining  infrastructure such as buildings, wind turbines, bridges and power plants.  SLAMcore Spatial Intelligence software fuses stereo camera and IMU data to complement GPS/Lidar with accurate location and mapping while running on low power processors and affordable sensors.

Service Robots

Service robots are being used for indoor and outdoor services - moving medical supplies, tracking inventory, cleaning, serving food and delivering room service. Dynamic environments with people require accurate spatial understanding that adapts to changing, dynamic environments.

Delivery Robots

Delivery robots navigate indoor and outdoor environments and need to be able to operate robustly in urban areas. SLAMcore Spatial Intelligence provides real-time location and mapping at urban scale. Our system is an input to your stack improving localization where GPS becomes unreliable, or as a stand alone solution

XR / Virtual Reality

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (XR) applications are becoming more sophisticated. As they do, the role of spatial intelligence becomes more critical. SLAMcore is integrating its algorithms into next generation XR products. Our world-class, low-power, accurate and robust visual SLAM, combined with our 3D mapping, segmentation and classification capabilities, will provide the Spatial Intelligence needed at the core of emerging, highly immersive XR.

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