Unlock the potential of factories and warehouses

Optimal tracking and performance with visual RTLS powered by Slamcore

The market context

Warehousing is increasingly dynamic, involving more space and more complexity all the time. 

But warehouse management and intra-logistics solutions are often inaccurate, expensive, and prone to failure in certain edge cases.

Slamcore’s algorithms put precise data at your fingertips, providing you with real-time information, to locate, map, and track assets, giving you a snapshot of your warehouse in seconds.

Integrate Slamcore’s spatial intelligence solution with manual trucks, AMRs or other assets, and vehicles can report their location within centimeters – even in busy and wide area warehousing or manufacturing facilities. 

It’s fast. It’s accurate. It’s the future.

How Slamcore makes it happen


Where am I?

Robust, computationally efficient, ROS and C++ compatible localization, for high performance even on low-cost hardware.

  • Accurate positioning, indoors and outdoors even in the largest warehouse – right down to centimeters. 
  • Shared coordinate system across your entire fleet that stays accurate every day, even when the layout or lighting changes. 
  • Ground plane detection means positions are always grounded in reality. 


What’s around me?

Because maps are produced in real-time in a computationally efficient manner, memory used is managed and stays bounded even as larger environments are mapped.

  • Choose from 2D, 2.5D and 3D representations of occupied and unoccupied space. 
  • Define the resolution of your maps to balance detail with memory requirements. 
  • Advanced obstacle detection – even at height. 


What are the objects around me?

Slamcore uses deep learning to help robots, consumer products and drones identify objects and people around them. 

  • Dynamic object detection improves overall performance, even when the world gets chaotic.
  • Easily remove or ignore specific objects from the user map to cut down on the digital clutter.
  • Object level positioning and mapping means you always know what and where things are around you.

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