The importance of doing work that matters

Deputy Head of Research and Development, Tom Woodley, reflects on his career and time at Slamcore, including leading the team working with Meta on its amazing Bombyx robot.
29 July 2022

Where am I? Helping robots get their bearings

In the first part of our series exploring the three levels of the full-stack spatial intelligence pyramid we look at how our positioning algorithms allow anyone to add effective capabilities to their devices.
7 July 2022

Familiar yet fresh, the approaching future of XR

As the use cases for XR become increasingly sophisticated, the role of spatial intelligence even more critical. So we set out to see firsthand how XR is progressing, and what the future holds.
27 June 2022

My role in shaping the future of robots

When she graduated, Cheryn wanted to make a real difference. Here's how she turned her internship into a career that is shaping the future of robots and the metaverse.
6 June 2022

How we’re tackling the challenging 10%

Autonomous robots and augmented/virtual reality headsets are proliferating in the marketplace, but why aren't more robots around the home, workplace, or in critical and dangerous locations?
19 May 2022

When there’s a gold rush, make picks and shovels

The next few years will see a rapid increase in the number, types and impact of spatially aware machines in our everyday lives. They all share a common requirement: they need accurate, reliable SLAM.
21 April 2022

Five million meters… and counting

In nine months robots featuring our SDK have successfully travelled over five million meters in external ‘real-world’ environments, with every meter traveled generating more data and more insights.
21 October 2021

Turbo-charging depth maps with our new algorithms

Slamcore's AI neural network provides fast, accurate and cost-effective depth completion at the edge, supporting unsupervised training and rapid real-world robot deployment.
14 October 2021

Giving Facebook’s Bombyx robot real-time vision

Slamcore's spatial intelligence software helps Facebook’s Bombyx robot locate, map, and identify obstacles while installing cables, and navigate around them, with no need for human intervention.
14 October 2021