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Software Puts the Magic into Robotics

Many of our team are looking to make a difference in the world of Spatial Intelligence. This week, we share the story of Nils, and his time at Slamcore. A mechanical engineer turned vSLAM expert, Nils shares his journey from
27 April 2023
Team Blogs

Working with robots, it’s important to be human

When you are working with robots it’s important to be human. Here's how building a supportive, diverse and vibrant culture is at the heart of our mission and our success at Slamcore.
18 November 2022
Team Blogs

The importance of doing work that matters

Deputy Head of Research and Development, Tom Woodley, reflects on his career and time at Slamcore, including leading the team working with Meta on its amazing Bombyx robot.
29 July 2022

My role in shaping the future of robots

When she graduated, Cheryn wanted to make a real difference. Here's how she turned her internship into a career that is shaping the future of robots and the metaverse.
6 June 2022

Mental Health, Lockdown and Me

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.
18 May 2020